Even more successful - with diversity.

To be effective, our ideas must be effectively put into practice. Our culture, which we continuously improve, has an impact on the entire company, in the community and on the next generation. Michelin's focus on diversity and inclusion opens up a more dynamic environment where new and different ideas can be exchanged to stimulate innovation and drive results. That is the value of diversity.

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A culture where inclusion and empowerment are not just buzzwords

Michelin relies on the strength of various teams. The Management Board of the Michelin Region Europe North is setting a good example: Four of the eleven positions are now held by women. As of June, Maria Röttger is the first woman to head the board, while the other female colleagues are Vice Presidents at the head of important departments such as finance and sales. That was not always so. Only four years earlier, all management positions were occupied by men - a list that no longer lived up to Michelin's claim to diversity.

However, diversity encompasses much more than gender. Differences in cultural affiliation, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation or ethnic origin also reflect the enormous diversity among Michelin employees. "An organizational and socio-political concept that propagates an appreciative, conscious and respectful approach to difference and individuality" - this is how the Munich University of Applied Sciences defines the term diversity. And also at Michelin: The company has launched a large number of diversity initiatives and anchored diversity as a strategically important topic at the highest management level.

It's time for a change of perspective
Our mission: By 2030, the proportion of women in management teams should be at least 35%. Four of the eleven positions on the Management Board of the Europe North region are already held by women. Colleagues like Theres Gosztonyi Vice President B2C Sales Europe North and Maria Röttger enrich the committee with their views and new perspectives on topics that have also been discussed by men at Michelin for years. Maria Röttger is Human Resources Director for the Europe North region at Michelin and has been at the helm of Michelin Europe North since June 2022. She is the first woman in the world to hold this position since the company's global reorganization.
Diversity as a lived reality
Michelin is aware that diversity is an ongoing challenge that does not stand still. We are constantly working on ourselves and our company in order to grow together when it comes to diversity – and benefit from it. It's about recognizing people's different abilities and experiences, understanding them as potential and promoting them. As an internationally operating company, we have a great responsibility to make a contribution to an open and modern society. The goal will only be achieved when the 'diversity' trend is no longer a trend, but rather enriches our everyday lives as a matter of course.

That is how Michelin is committed to more diversity

  • My Ability: Michelin works with the inclusive career portal My Ability, which actively supports Michelin in finding employees with disabilities.

  • Diversity Charter: Michelin is a signatory to the Diversity Charter employer initiative and takes part in the German Diversity Day every year.

  • Diversity Check: Michelin internally reviews the status of each individual team in four steps in the following areas: diversity, equal opportunities, open-minded and inclusive culture, and supportive leadership. The teams receive suggestions for improvement and tips.

  • Unconscious Bias & Stereotypes Training: Michelin's leadership training courses reduce biased attitudes and behaviors in the workplace: from hiring and promotion decisions to interactions with customers and colleagues.

  • Diversity Committee: The Diversity Committee consists of 20 members from different nations and controls all activities related to diversity.

  • Women in Motion: With the “Women in Motion” project, Michelin is making it easier for women to get into jobs in the commercial environment.